Race Series





Summer Race Series:

6/15 Father’s Day Run 5K, 10K
6/21 Light the Night Glow 5K
6/28 Firecracker Flight 5K, 10K
7/4 Four on the Fourth 4 Miler
7/20 Don’t Melt Away 5K
7/26 Running for Food, Running for Health 5K
8/2 KCXC Challenge 5K
8/9 Race With the Balloons 5K
8/16 Strut for the Streaks 5K

Description: Want to get more out of running and give more to your community and fellow runners? This is a running series for everyone! It is designed to provide motivation and fun for runners or walkers whether you are a beginner or a veteran; slow or extremely talented, you can participate and WIN! There will be three seasonal racing series throughout the year with no limitation on the bling you can bring home.

Runner Requirements:

  • Runner must be a KCTC member (click here to join!)
  • Runner must be 18 years old
  • Runner must sign up for the series (IT’S FREE), opt in to receive KCTC news and “Like” our facebook page, both of which can be done by clicking the links on the right side of this  page.  (Exceptions will be made for those without internet service or a FB account.)
  • No KCTC board members are eligible to win prizes

Keeping Score:

  • Each participant’s best 5 performances will be scored
  • To qualify for an award, a participant must compete (or volunteer) in at least 3 races
  • Points will be given for each series race to the top finishers in 5 year age groups (1st place- 50 points, 2nd place- 45 points, 3rd place- 40 point, 4th place- 35 points, 5th place- 30 points, 6th place- 25 points, 7th place- 20 points, 8th place- 15 points, 9th place- 10 points, 5 points for all finishers)
  • Volunteers will be given 25 points per event
  • Participants will submit their results to cameron@resultskc.com after each Series event
  • Scores will be verified after each series race and standings posted to www.kctrack.org


  • Awards will be granted to the top point scorers in 5 year age groups
  • # of awards will be based on # of participants in the age group
  • Runners can compete individually (not as a team)
  • Prizes may include: Free Race Entries, Medals, KCTC Clothing, Hats or other gear, Sponsor Donations.