Steve Slater

I grew up in St. Louis and have been blessed to live in the Kansas City area for about 40 years.  I am married with 4 mostly grown children.
My career is in the Information Technology area, specializing as a Security Architect.

I had made fitness a regular activity in my life for many years, but until fairly recently I was not a runner.  With encouragement from a personal trainer and armed with a beginner training plan I started running about 4 years ago.  I ran my first 5K about 4 months later and since then running has become an important part of my life.

This summer, I decided to try the Half Marathon training program from KCTC on Saturday mornings to prepare for my 7th half marathon.    I really enjoyed the community spirit of the KCTC members on the group run and socializing afterwards for breakfast on a few occasions.

I know that the many programs that KCTC provides require a lot of volunteer time and effort, and am glad to serve the community as a member of the board.

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