Group Run Leaders Become Certified Coaches

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Group Run Leaders Become Certified Coaches


¬†KCTC Group Run Leaders Courtney Foster, Jennifer Ristau, Ben Holmes, Ammanda Warren, Joel Grimmett, Alex Goblet, Ryan Knapp and Brad McCleary attended a Road Runner Club of America “Coaching Certification” Course hosted in Kansas City last Friday and Saturday. They are fired up and ready to use what they learned. As soon as everyone completes their tests, almost all of KCTC group runs will be led by a certified coach! Our instructor, Randy Acetta, PhD was awesome! ¬†Thank you to everyone for your time!

2 Responses to Group Run Leaders Become Certified Coaches

  1. Edwina Cook-Lucito says:

    When is the next “Coaching Certification” course being held? How do I find out what is involved in becoming a certified running coach?
    Very Interested

  2. Nancy English says:

    Hello Edwina,
    KCTC has not been able to schedule another coaching certification course but you can go to for a list of courses in other cities to get signed up!

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