Dianna Villigan

Dianna was encouraged to run by her father from a young age. When she was 10, her dad bought her a pair of New Balance running shoes. Her running journey, all of the ups and downs, began there. After the birth of her second child, she experienced a multitude of back problems and running had become a “thing” of the past.

In 2009, she jump started a 65 lb. weight loss by running once again. Thru running and good eating habits, she has been able to keep the weight loss off since 2010.

Running has become a vital part of Dianna’s life.  A year ago, she was suffering from depression and used running as therapy. “I was depressed, sad, lonely and the feelings of hope, happiness and strength running gave me were almost instant.” Being a treadmill runner and switching to the great outdoors was a challenge for her. But once she started training outside, last March, she hasn’t gone back indoors! Last year her husband and youngest son made running one of their passions. They are also members of the KCTC.

Running Goals: Dianna is hoping to complete several half marathons and her first Full marathon, the 37th Marine Corps Marathon in October.
Outreach: Dianna hopes to start a running group in the Smithville area because of the various terrains offered. “There are just so many places to run that are virtually untapped by running groups. There are trails, hills, flat courses and rock trails.” In the meantime, you can find her on Monday nights at the Ward Parkway Beginning Runners Group and Saturdays at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Liberty.
Favorite Running Distance: Dianna’s favorite distance run is 5K, but may quickly become the ½ marathon. She would like to run more trails in the area. Her ultimate goal is to run the Marine Corps Marathon this year and each year her body will allow her.