Anna Wolfe

Anna began running to keep herself healthy and happy. With the help of her family in Lincoln, Nebraska, being active became the way of life. Running was not a large part of her active lifestyle until 2005 when she moved to Kansas City and began trying out new races. After doing several 5Ks, she decided to participate in a 10K. The excitement of the race and running the longer distance encouraged her to push herself further in her training, leading to her first half marathon in 2008. She has continued her running and loves road races in the Kansas City area, especially themed ones! Her enthusiasm is infectious and she equates running with happiness.

Outreach: Anna loves helping others enjoy running as much as she does! She isn’t out to get first place but she loves to show others how fun it can be.
Running Goals: Keeping active and making sure to run because she enjoys it…not doing it because she has to.
Favorite Races Distances:  Half Marathon or 10K (it’s easier to get friends to join you for a 10K!).